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Basic Teeth Whitening

  • A 30-minute teeth whitening session offers a quick and effective way to enhance the brightness of your teeth by 2-6 shades! This service utilizes a powerful yet safe bleaching gel activated by a special LED light to penetrate the enamel and lift stains from coffee, tea, wine, and other discoloring agents. Designed for convenience and efficiency, the session is short enough to fit into a busy schedule, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking to achieve noticeable results without the time commitment of traditional whitening methods. The process is typically painless and suitable for a wide range of clients, aiming to improve teeth whiteness by several shades in just one visit. Eating and drinking is restricted to clear liquids and white foods for 6-8 hours after this treatment.

Platinum Teeth Whitening

  • A 60-minute teeth whitening session with an added remineralization tray is a comprehensive service designed to not only significantly brighten your teeth 2-15 shades but also to protect them post-whitening. This enhanced session employs a high-grade whitening gel activated under a specialized light to deeply penetrate the tooth enamel, effectively lifting stains and discoloration caused by various factors such as coffee, tea, and smoking. Following the whitening process, a unique remineralization tray is applied, which plays a crucial role in sealing the pores of the teeth. This step is vital for reducing sensitivity by replenishing essential minerals back into the enamel. Additionally, this protective measure allows clients the convenience of eating and drinking immediately after the session without the wait, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both immediate results and comfort.


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